Saturday, April 21, 2018

What Makes a Mirror a Mirror?

We take them for granted, but there is more to mirrors than meets the eye. Here’s why Custom Antique Mirror loves mirrors, and you should too!

History of Mirrors

A mirror is typically made of glass with a flat or curvy surface, and has a reflective covering over it. Mirrors aren’t only for appearance; they are also used in many technological and scientific components.
Before mirrors were manufactured, pools of water were often used to see a reflection. Mirrors date back to completely raw products, as polished stones, metals and black volcanic glass obsidian were used for this purpose.  

How Mirrors Are Made

There’s just a few components needed to make a mirror, including pure silver nitrate, distilled water and ammonia. Some differences occur during the production of commercial mirrors.
First, a small amount of silver nitrate is dissolved in distilled water, with the addition of diluted ammonia until the mixture visibly changes. A different mixture of Rochelle salts and silver nitrate is boiled and filtered. The mixtures are then poured onto a properly heated piece of glass and ready to dry. To preserve the silver, a coat of paint is often added to the back of the glass.

Benefits of Mirrors

Mirrors serve many different purposes, and that’s why we think they are so great! Here are some reasons why mirrors should be incorporated into your home or business:
  • Mirrors make the room appear larger.
  • Mirrors make a statement. The styles, sizes and designs are extensive, which makes it easy to incorporate into just about any space.
  • Mirrors attract more lighting from surrounding windows. The light reflects off of the mirror with brightens the rest of the room.
  • Mirrors near the door or hallway are helpful when rushing out the door. If you have a meeting or heading to lunch, it can’t hurt to make sure you’re looking your best!

Custom Mirrors

Custom Antique Mirror professionals have years of experience when it comes to custom glass solutions! Our experts can cut just about any size and shape of glass you need. Mirrored walls, backsplashes and statement mirrors are popular items our customers enjoy.
For expert assistance in glass-related items, contact Custom Antique Mirror today! We offer in-home consultations to find out the best locations to place mirrors.
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