Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Mirror Install – Cut Out For It?

If you want to save money on a new bathroom mirror you might consider installing it yourself. Depending on the size of the mirror, this can be done with relative ease, although I’d recommend finding yourself a buddy to lend a hand.

Mirror Size
The first step is figuring out what size mirror you want. Mirror mounted to a wall is nearly always ¼” in thickness, but you’ll need to figure out your dimensions. Currently, there is not one sole discernible trend in mirrors. Check out Pinterest or Houzz and you’ll find a wide variety of mirror styles. The common thread between the trendy mirrors featured on these sites is that they are somewhat unconventional. In the past few years, designers have taken a liking to the long, narrow, horizontally aligned mirror that hangs quite a ways off the vanity. There has also been a lot of interest in mirrors on standoffs, mirrors backlit by LEDs, and round mirrors, both small enough that they fit little more than a face and large enough that they seem like they might continue to grow and engulf the entire bathroom. That said, many homeowners still opt for the classic, practical, rectangular mirror set upon the vanity. If the mirror is fitting tight between two walls, I’d recommend subtracting ¼ – ½” from the available width, otherwise you’ll most likely end up with some battle wounds along the adjacent walls. Stock heights for mirror are typically 42, 48, and 72”, but a glass and mirror shop can cut a mirror to any custom size. The last thing to consider when thinking about mirror size is whether or not there are any impediments that exist in your home that might prevent you from getting a mirror your desired size into the bathroom and in place – this includes, medicine cabinets, outlet plates, tight turns, etc. Don’t give up hope just because obstacles exist! Spend some time thinking about it and you’re likely to come up with a solution that will get your mirror where it needs to be.

Hanging Your Mirror
Next, you’ll have to think about how you want the mirror mounted. The most common mechanical fastener is the mirror clip. You’ve probably looked at countless mirrors supported by clips in your life and never took notice of them. That means they’re doing their job! Clips are there to support while being visually unobtrusive. The next most common application would be to install the mirror into j-bar. This is a continuous piece of j-shaped (duh) metal that runs along the top and bottom of a mirror. When going to the ceiling with the mirror, j-bar is your only option since clips need extra space at the top, so they can be slid down over the mirror to secure it. The top channel of j-bar is slightly deeper than the bottom channel so the mirror can slip up into the top metal and then drop back down to sit it in place. If you’re purchasing a pattern mirror, like an oval or the mirrors picture below, from a glass shop, you’ll want to consider a mirror hanger, a strong metal hanger that adheres to the mirror’s backside. These are easy to apply and hang. I wouldn’t recommend DIYing a stand-off mirror unless you’re certain you’re up for the challenge.

The type of hardware you use will affect what size mirror you order and where you’ll need to drill holes to mount your hardware. Mirror going into clips should be cut at the exact height you want off the vanity, backsplash, etc., but the holes for your top clips need to be drilled 3/8” down from where the top of the mirror will end up. To figure out the cut height of the mirror that will be installed using j-bar, you’ll need to subtract 9/16” from the height at which you want the top channel mounted. This allows the extra room to slide the mirror up into the channel.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Antiqued mirror is hot

Our antiqued mirror adds depth and character, reflecting the beauty of its surroundings as well as enhancing them. Just one glance and it’s easy to see how our antiqued mirror also brings glamour – and sparkle – to every angle. In fact, by using a patented technical process and top-quality craftsmanship, CUSTOM ANTIQUE MIRROR NEW YORK antiqued mirror is virtually indistinguishable from vintage mirror in appearance, but offers major advances in performance.

What makes our antiqued mirror so superior? First, the style: beautiful designs, with individual variations of color and pattern unique to each sheet of antiqued mirror. Then, the quality: there’s no flaking or irregularity of finish or size. Antiqued mirror sheets are available in 48” x 84” or 48” x 96” mirror – a big improvement over antique mirror of the past. You can even bevel it.

Finally, there’s the price: it’s surprisingly affordable. CUSTOM ANTIQUE MIRROR NEW YORK broke the antiqued mirror price barrier, to fit your budget at a cost that’s about half of what you might expect to pay.

With dramatic plays of color and pattern offering so many sophisticated design opportunities, it wasn’t long before CUSTOM ANTIQUE MIRROR NEW YORK antiqued mirror was showing up in some of the best hotels, restaurants and residences .

And now, to meet the continually growing demand for this beautiful, old-world look, CUSTOM ANTIQUE MIRROR NEW YORK was proud to recently introduce the new Parisian Collection. Brimming with over a dozen new styles and colors, including gold, blue, green, gray, bronze and pink, the Parisian Collection lets your imagination run wild. Featuring many never-before-seen patterns, CUSTOM ANTIQUE MIRROR NEW YORK has taken antiqued mirror to new heights. The advances in this latest process have resulted in unprecedented craftsmanship – variations in tone, hue and antiquing like never before – to create an even wider range of exciting design possibilities.

What’s more, CUSTOM ANTIQUE MIRROR NEW YORK antiqued mirror sheets are individually cartoned with Styrofoam protection, fully stocked and ready to ship from our warehouse. Although all styles and sizes are carried, please contact us by phone or email to be sure of immediate availability. We’re here to meet your needs, from a single sheet to high-volume orders.

Experience the CUSTOM ANTIQUE MIRROR NEW YORK difference for yourself. Request your large-size antiqued mirror samples from our Aquitaine  today. (Please keep in mind that due to the nature of the antiquing process, the actual appearance of the mirror can vary from the samples.)

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Mirrors Make an Unexpected Appearance in the Kitchen

Mirrors are a popular accessory for nearly every room of the house, so why not the kitchen as well? Thoughtful and strategic placement of mirrors is an easy way to reflect available light, visually opening up a room to make it look more spacious. 

Above the stove. Mirrors emphasize the details and colors of items caught in their reflection. What’s reflected in this kitchen is a striking collection of copper pans hanging from a pot rack.

Tip: Strategically hang mirrors so that they reflect an appealing view.

According to feng shui principles, mirrors symbolize water, which clashes with fire, and therefore should hang above a stove only to allow cooks to see what’s behind them. Aside from this concern, lining an expanse behind the stove can be extremely effective in giving the illusion of a much larger space. In this example, the mirror’s antiqued appearance was achieved by distressing. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Mirrors: 5 Tips To Create Space in a Small Room

Mirrors are a wonderful decorating tool for your home.

They add natural light to a dark room, lengthen walls, add height to ceilings, and make spaces appear larger. If you have a small space in your home, try using mirrors to make it feel more spacious. Check out these five tips for using mirrors to add the illusion of space in your home:

1. Go with groups. Hanging mirrors in groups is a great way to get the effect of a larger mirror without the price tag. The trick with grouping mirrors is to buy mirrors of different sizes and shapes, but with the same (or very similar) frames-this keeps your collection looking organized rather than cluttered and messy. Grouped mirrors also make an interesting focal point in any room, especially an entry area.

2. Work with windows. Have a small room with a window? Hang a large mirror on the wall opposite your window. This technique reflects the outdoor view of the window, almost making it appear as if the room has another window. The room will be flooded with more natural light, creating a feeling of more space.

3. Go big. If you are looking for a dramatic way to create space and make your ceilings feel higher, CUSTOM ANTIQUE MIRROR suggests using a mirror that is at least three-quarters the height of your ceiling. There is no need to try to hang such a heavy mirror - leaning it against the wall and securing it that way works well.

4. Try one behind the stove. A small kitchen will open up with a mirror placed on the wall behind your stovetop. We spend so much time in our kitchens standing in front of the stove, having a mirror in this spot will automatically make the room feel larger, and add tons of light to a normally dark wall.

5. Turn it. Lengthen a short wall by turning a long, skinny mirror on its side. Hang it on the wall horizontally, and you'll be amazed by how much longer the room appears.

Mirrors are a fantastic solution for small, dark rooms. They make a room appear more spacious and add natural light, both of which open up your home. Please feel free to contact us for more information about using mirrors to make your small rooms feel larger.

Our Mirrors

Mirrors add a touch of beauty and style while giving any area the illusion of being more capacious. Mirrors also brighten up spaces by bouncing daylight around the room.
Custom Antique Mirror New York is a full service glass and mirror company known for producing top-quality, customized made to measure mirrors. We have the equipment, technical knowledge, and personnel to satisfy all needs and preferences. Whether the need calls for standalone pieces or broad mirror walls, our custom fabrication capabilities will allow us to create the perfect product for your home including bathroom mirrors and more.
Mirror quality varies greatly depending on a very complex fabrication process that is comprised of number of equally critical steps. From cutting and shaping to applying the reflective material, each step requires the utmost care, close attention to detail, and adept craftsmanship. At Custom Antique Mirror New York, we happily guarantee every single mirror we fabricate as all of our products undergo a comprehensive and rigorous in-house quality assurance process, conducted by some of the best professionals in the industry.
For all your mirror & customized mirror product needs, give us a call and we will ensure that your home project is a complete success. We are mirror and glass company with years of delivering on a promise, a promise to provide our clients with high-quality, unique mirrors that simply do not disappoint.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Antique Mirror Glass Makes a Day Brighter

The antique mirror glass creates an authentic decorative retro effect on mirrors that extend design options for the interior. We stock different colors and patterns for antique mirror glass. We are proud of the quality and aesthetic of our antique mirror glass.
We stock the largest sheets of distressed antique mirror glass patterns and we can supply it for the seamless backsplash for your kitchen.

We also offer our completed range of finishes in the clear and tinted glass. We are always open to your ideas and welcome to develop different finishes with glass and decorative mirror.

At CUSTOM ANTIQUE MIRROR, we can manufacture tiles in any of our antiqued mirror elegant designs and finishes. The antique mirror can be tempered and you can use it in your kitchen or bathroom as a backsplash. Antique mirror tempered glass Tiles & Splashbacks are all made to your exact size specification. Please provide us with the finish required, along with sizes and quantities and we'll provide you with a price.

Custom Designs For Antique Mirror Glass
Find the exact design you are looking for, we can build it. We work with a variety of colors and patterns for antique mirror glass. Custom fabrications and custom size are available at CUSTOM ANTIQUE MIRROR for your antique mirror sheets. Large custom size antique mirror is crafted without limitations.

Applications Of Antique Mirror Glass For Interior Decoration
It can be used both in residential and commercial places. It gives an elegant as well as a retro look. We provide the custom antique mirror with the best quality guaranty. It is generally used in:

Public areas: Antique mirror, as a decorative glass, is much popular in public places, like; lobby, staircases, decorative commercial interiors, elevator walls, etc.

Commercial zones: This glass is also used in commercial areas, like; bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Mirrored wall covering: There are several design solutions to contemporary cover up your mirrored wall. Home or office antique mirror is accepted to both as wall covering.

Room dividers: An antique mirror room divider is a perfect idea to divide a bigger space and to do it with style. Unlike solid sliding doors or wooden panels, a mirror divider reflects the interior and thus makes it visually bigger.

Doors: Just keep in mind that we have an option that suits your personality. If you can’t decide which clear glass you prefer, please come to us and make your interior more suitable with antique mirror glass doors.

Mirrored furniture: We offer a superb range of antique mirrored furniture to suit all your needs. From exquisite mirrored bedroom furniture including antique mirrored bedside tables, antique mirrored chests of drawers, antique mirrored dressing tables & antique mirrored console tables, there is something available to bring that wonderful elegance to your home.

Cabinet and wardrobe inserts: If your cabinets are viewed on a regular basis, then it is positively important that you have to choose the most appealing and satisfying type of glass, like the antique mirror. You can also install antique mirror as wardrobe doors.

Backsplashes: An antique mirror can be used as the kitchen backsplash. Antique mirror glass creates a very attractive feature in kitchens and bathrooms.

So if you want to decorate your interior, you could use antique mirror glass. Bear Glass is the best option for your antique mirror glass needs. You can call us at +1 718 832 3604. Contact us.

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