Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Mirrors: 5 Tips To Create Space in a Small Room

Mirrors are a wonderful decorating tool for your home.

They add natural light to a dark room, lengthen walls, add height to ceilings, and make spaces appear larger. If you have a small space in your home, try using mirrors to make it feel more spacious. Check out these five tips for using mirrors to add the illusion of space in your home:

1. Go with groups. Hanging mirrors in groups is a great way to get the effect of a larger mirror without the price tag. The trick with grouping mirrors is to buy mirrors of different sizes and shapes, but with the same (or very similar) frames-this keeps your collection looking organized rather than cluttered and messy. Grouped mirrors also make an interesting focal point in any room, especially an entry area.

2. Work with windows. Have a small room with a window? Hang a large mirror on the wall opposite your window. This technique reflects the outdoor view of the window, almost making it appear as if the room has another window. The room will be flooded with more natural light, creating a feeling of more space.

3. Go big. If you are looking for a dramatic way to create space and make your ceilings feel higher, CUSTOM ANTIQUE MIRROR suggests using a mirror that is at least three-quarters the height of your ceiling. There is no need to try to hang such a heavy mirror - leaning it against the wall and securing it that way works well.

4. Try one behind the stove. A small kitchen will open up with a mirror placed on the wall behind your stovetop. We spend so much time in our kitchens standing in front of the stove, having a mirror in this spot will automatically make the room feel larger, and add tons of light to a normally dark wall.

5. Turn it. Lengthen a short wall by turning a long, skinny mirror on its side. Hang it on the wall horizontally, and you'll be amazed by how much longer the room appears.

Mirrors are a fantastic solution for small, dark rooms. They make a room appear more spacious and add natural light, both of which open up your home. Please feel free to contact us for more information about using mirrors to make your small rooms feel larger.
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