Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Decorative Mirror

Our Antique Mirror is designed for a variety of applications: 

Furniture, Framed, Wall Coverings and other Architectural Applications. 

You will not find a better selection or quality of decorative mirror for your home or business. All Classic Antique Mirrors are handcrafted using silvering techniques passed down for generations.  

Our distinctive styles are an ideal alternative to clear mirrors, as each pattern offers a visual elegance of times past.  

We supply Antique Mirror to some of the most recognized architectural, furniture and hospitality supply companies. 

 All of our Antique Mirrors are handcrafted and are likely the most unique mirrors available in the world today.

Distressed antiqued mirrors create interesting light reflections and can amplify the space of a room.

Our antiqued mirrors are custom cut to our customers’ size requirements. We typically manufacture mirrors that are ¼ 5/16 of an inch in thickness. We also offer a custom restoration for all vintage mirrors, as the distressing is available in light, medium and heavy gradients.

Our vintage antiqued mirrors can be custom-made in large sizes, up to 3ft by 5 ft. We also offer distressing on new glass pieces, as large as 4ft by 8ft. On new glass, the distressing levels are typically a lot lighter, as the new glass does not have the same of wear and imperfection of old glass.

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