Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Glass Balustrades

Glass Balustrades 

To keep up with modern interior design styles, glass balustrades are an excellent way of adding elegance and light to any home or business. 

At Artlook Glass, we provide high quality glass balustrades for homes and businesses, offering a prestigious option for a balcony, staircase or landing.

Made from either stainless steel or anodized coating, balustrades offer lots of tones and hues to compliment any domestic or commercial surroundings, while at the same time, creating a sense of unlimited space.

We have a number of options to choose from, including:
  • A variety of balustrade glass forms and variations (such as toughened)
  • A number of frame options (such as mini post, infill and frameless glass balustrades)

Glass balustrades for stairs are very popular in family homes as they look great and increase child safety. Aside from the safety element on staircases, porches and balconies, balustrades are also successfully employed as room separators and connectors of areas, perhaps from your balcony to your hall for example.

All those great features, added safety and don't forget that our glass balustrades can be cleaned easily with the help of detergent solution and muslin cloth making them ideal for maintenance as well. 

So, about glass balustrades, what's not to love?

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