Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Frameless Glass Bridges

Structural walk on glass panels can be spanned across open space to create a minimal, transparent glass bridge. These structural glass bridges can be supported by minimal steel supports or high specification structural glass beams to allow these glass constructions to span large distances.

Frameless glass balustrades can be integrated into the glass bridge construction with minimal detailing to maintain the clear glass bridge construction.
If glass beams are used in the support of the glass bridge the laminated glass panels can be elongated upwards to act as the balustrade to the bridge achieving a clear finish with no visible fixings

Low Iron Glass can be used to minimise the ‘greening’ effect that can occur when installing thick layers of glass as would be used on a high specification structural glass assembly such as a glass bridge.

Glass Bridge Design

The surfaces of these walk on glass surfaces can be finished with various anti-slip coatings to create a safer structural glass assembly which is especially useful on larger external glass bridges.

Anti-slip resistance can be achieved through the use of a sandblasted finish to the external surface of the glass bridge. This will add anti-slip and will also create a translucent glass finish perfect for maintaining privacy through the walk on glass surface.

Other anti-slip finishes can be applied that maintain transparency through the structural glass installation if required.
These include specialised ceramic printing techniques to the external surface of the glass or a textured glass surface.

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