Thursday, June 14, 2018

Mirrors Make an Unexpected Appearance in the Kitchen

Mirrors are a popular accessory for nearly every room of the house, so why not the kitchen as well? Thoughtful and strategic placement of mirrors is an easy way to reflect available light, visually opening up a room to make it look more spacious. 

Above the stove. Mirrors emphasize the details and colors of items caught in their reflection. What’s reflected in this kitchen is a striking collection of copper pans hanging from a pot rack.

Tip: Strategically hang mirrors so that they reflect an appealing view.

According to feng shui principles, mirrors symbolize water, which clashes with fire, and therefore should hang above a stove only to allow cooks to see what’s behind them. Aside from this concern, lining an expanse behind the stove can be extremely effective in giving the illusion of a much larger space. In this example, the mirror’s antiqued appearance was achieved by distressing. 
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